IOS to Android App Conversion

Convert your IOS App to Android

Now more then ever is a good time to consider increasing your audience by launching an App into Google Play, and converting over your iOS app.

- We are good at taking and converting an iOS app and making the same (and sometimes more) functionality work on Android. Talk to us about our clients that have done just that. You’ll be surprised how well they’ve improved and scaled their customer base.

- The Android market is growing (in particular Smartphone and tablet), now is great time for conversion.

- Higher end phones, such as Samsung S3 and S4 are fueling the growth of Android Adoption, more reason to get your conversion strategy in place.

- Android and Apps and Widgets (we develop them as well), enjoy a higher level of integration into the users phone, which means you may get more engagement from your Android user base.

iOS and Android can be quite different in terms of their navigation UI, we understand this, so we don’t just convert your App screen by screen, we make intelligent design decisions, and guide you through each step of the way. User experience is king, so making users feel at home within the App and making the right choices in terms of design is what its all about. Certain iOS UI patterns just don’t work on Android, and we know alternatives that work well with Android.


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